Gin & Tonic Ice Lollies

On a super hot summers day, I love to have fruit ice lollies in the freezer for Oliver. We enjoy making these together by freezing half water half juice in a lolly mold. They are such a treat on a scorching day & yet they are still healthy. So that means the kiddie ice lolly box is […]

The What, Who & Why of sipping wine right now

I love a cup of tea, but perhaps more than that I love a good glass of wine, so I recently caught up with Kevin Swart (owner Black Elephant Vintners) to chat about what is hip, hot & happening on the local wine scene. The days of only sipping wine around fancy dinner tables are […]


If you know me well, then you’ll also know that I love my water. (I’m also a mouth breather, which is probably a contributing factor to why I get thirsty more often… arb fact, I know. *blush*). Moving along. I also love my tea & coffee & wine… which means that I’m probably not always […]