Internet Inspo #28 {Only feel good bits}

Happy Friday lovely people! It is that time of the week again to share my latest awesome clips from around the wonderful World Wide Web. Today, I’m sharing only Feel Good Inspo. Because we can all do with some feeling good, right? Enjoy! A beautiful story of true love. The Instagram Husband. Made me cry […]

What it is like to be a Xennial

My 16-year old niece recently asked me how & when I saw my high-school boyfriend & how we communicated. It got me thinking about how way different things were in the 90’s… Those good ol’ days I still remember the boxes (!) full of hand written love letters. Yup, no WhatsApp. No social media. Whispering […]

Internet Inspo #21 {Talks on work & pet peeves}

Hi. Here are some fun bits that I’ve lined up for you from the WWW: How gorgeous is #WisteriaHysteria? (Featured image via) Multitasking is a myth. How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes. One minute trick for pretty eyes. 25 Questions for your future boss. Secrets of organised women. 10 Talks On Work (via […]

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