6 Practical Tips For Beginner Decorators

Hands up if you like a beautiful, welcoming home. Well so do we. Our home has always been our happy space & I love to make it look pretty – irrespective of whether we own or rent it. Hours go into the planning of the interior & playing around with ideas. Hello Pinterest my best […]

Finding Friends In Your 30’s {Part 2}

In August 2015 I wrote Part 1 of Finding Friends in your 30’s. Only now can I tell you that I was really sad & depressed back then. It was mid-winter, so I was often cold & sick, plus I felt so terribly lonely. We relocated in April of 2015, so by August 2015 I […]

Internet Inspo #21 {Talks on work & pet peeves}

Hi. Here are some fun bits that I’ve lined up for you from the WWW: How gorgeous is #WisteriaHysteria? (Featured image via) Multitasking is a myth. How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes. One minute trick for pretty eyes. 25 Questions for your future boss. Secrets of organised women. 10 Talks On Work (via […]

WIN with Love Milo [Closed]

**This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Debbie Halliday.** Love Milo is one of those gorgeous South African brands that you just have to take note of. Their products are made with such care resulting in gorgeous, quality proudly local ceramics, hand-crafted plates, fabrics & even living wall frames. Plus they are committed to job […]

Internet Inspo #20 {Setting up for the perfect nap, a Rainbow Unicorn Party & more}

Hallo lovelies. Here are some great bits that I collected from around the web for you: A mouthwatering green bean recipe. Check out this awesome (affordable) day-time date spot in Cape Town. Thanx for sharing Natalie. Love this little Woodstock apartment.   A rainbow sparkle unicorn party. How gorgeous! A fun read.  For moms of tots: why age […]

35 things I’ve learnt in 35 years

Even though it is not my birthday month, I’ve been thinking about birthdays & age a lot lately as we’re planning Oli’s 4th birthday. In his four years on earth he learnt to walk, talk, eat (sometimes), jump, brush his own teeth, sing, sleep in his own bed, wee in the loo, feed himself, share […]

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