My Top 10 Of 2017

Hey friends. Happy 2018 to you! Before we officially kick off 2018, I’d love to share my Top 10 Favourite Things of 2017 with you. 2017 started with a bang for us! Within the first six weeks of the year, my 75-year old dad had a serious freak accident. This shocked us all because we […]

Expert Marriage Advice From An Intimacy Coach

At a recent kids party, a friend joked & said that in our phase of life, kitchen teas & baby showers will soon be replaced by divorce parties. Wowzers! There were some nervous giggles, but actually, none of us were really shocked though because the divorce rate is sadly still on the rise in South Africa & […]

Everything is awesome with LEGO (& DUPLO)

When Oliver was still a tiny baby, we were given our very first set of DUPLO (which is basically LEGO for tiny tots aged 1,5 – 5 years). I thought yay another lovely gift. But I had no idea how amazing it really is. I never played with LEGO as a child, so I honestly […]

For those asking: “When is baby nr 2 coming?”

Firstly, how rude. Since when is it ok to badger someone about such a personal topic? Of all the topics* that a person can choose to discuss at a party / baby shower / at dinner / at an office, this is the topic they choose. Have these people ever considered that things like infertility […]


Sometimes I have  a nervous chuckle by myself when I think about (my) life with a toddler. Yup, having a tot makes you look & feel like a lunatic at the best of times! A clever paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp (who wrote The Happiest Toddler on the Block), said that if babies are angels, then toddlers are […]


I can still remember very clearly: sitting in the ante-natal class hearing all about how (post-birth) you will eventually find the ‘New Normal’. Fast forward 2.5 years & I still ask myself weekly – if not daily – so what & where is the “New Normal”? Maybe it is because we decided that I will […]