Rice Krispies Rainbow Cake

This was such a fun ‘no-bake’ cake to make & it is even yummier than I anticipated. To me it is also a perfect kids cake, so get them involved! Here goes: Rice Crispies Rainbow Cake, Serves about 12 For the ‘cake’ layers: 6 tablespoons of unsalted butter 9 cups of mashmallows (mini’s mashies are best […]


I love the Cuppa 4 Cansa* campaign. Maybe because it’s an excuse to have a party AND do something worthwhile at the same time? I’m so grateful that my inner-inner circle has not been affected by breast cancer, but I know many women who have & I really believe that this is a cause worth […]

Blueberry Lemon Tea Cakes

It’s no secret that I love lemons & any recipe that contains lemon for that matter. The combination of the lemon & blueberries in this Martha Stewart recipe is totally heavenly. You will need about 35 minutes to prep & a total of two hours to get everything done. The original recipe calls for a stick of butter […]

Cherry Clafouti {recipe}

Cherries are fantastic little fruit. For some reason, just seeing them, puts a smile on my face. Yum! Well, recently I found this recipe by none other than Julie Child from food.com & it is a winner. You’ll need quite a bit of prep time, but the baking part is quick-quick. Here goes: Julia Child’s Cherry […]

lemon meringue cake

This was an Easter Weekend treat that I made at the very spur of the moment. I was slightly skeptical about how it would go down (being a lemon meringue pie & a cake hybrid), but it was surprisingly yummy! * The original recipe is from the LeCreuset website & is for cupcakes.  Unfortunately the […]

honey tea cake

This recipe has done its rounds in our family for some time now. It was passed on to me by my aunt (who first received it from my mom) in a stack of copied & stapled recipes. This was just before or after our wedding – can’t remember exactly. All of the recipes in this […]