Internet Inspo #21 {Talks on work & pet peeves}

Hi. Here are some fun bits that I’ve lined up for you from the WWW: How gorgeous is #WisteriaHysteria? (Featured image via) Multitasking is a myth. How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes. One minute trick for pretty eyes. 25 Questions for your future boss. Secrets of organised women. 10 Talks On Work (via […]

Easy style tips from a fashion guru

Today I am really stoked to welcome Antoinette Chorlton to the blog. Our paths crossed in a very interesting manner. In a way, I don’t know her from a bar of soap; but then again she slept in my bed & stayed in my house. So, we’re a bit like sisters I suppose. (In case […]

How about a ‘No Thanx’ gift list?

I agree. One should not look a gift horse in the mouth. But consider this: wouldn’t it be lovely to always get what you really need or want – even if it is just a tiny little something? Or, wouldn’t it be better to save someone some money (that they could use for a good […]


I’m slightly embarrassed to write this post. Because… I am guilty. You see I haven’t been doing my bit when it comes to recycling. I (or let me put the blame on us – makes me feel slightly less guilty) have either not done recycling at all or we did it half-heartedly. Really embarrassing. My […]


Hallo. Happy Friday to you. Here are some fab links from the web. Enjoy. 10 Surprising things to do with ripe bananas. How are your restaurant table manners? (Thanx Joanna) Can’t wait to try these Chocolate Chia Energy Balls (found on aFoodieLivesHere ) I love this magic spell on how to Summon Your Period: Some really clever […]

10 TIPS FOR the best DîNER EN BLANC!

Jozi, only 5 more sleeps to le Dîner en Blanc!! 2013 saw the very first Dîner en Blanc in Jozi. At that stage I was a very new mommy & not yet willing to leave my new little bundle in the care of someone else. This year, however, we’re booked & ready for a BIG […]