What It Takes To Have An Awesome Beard

I’ll be frank: I’m not a beard fan. And also not a moustache fan. Unless it is November & you are growing yours to collect donations for a great cause. But let’s stick with beards for a moment. I just don’t enjoy the idea of it. Not even to mention how much I dislike giving […]

Internet Inspo #34 – Age, Ageing & Wisdom

Ageing is such a tricky thing -, especially amongst women. We will all inevitably age, yet some are trying everything, not to (look like they) age. At varsity, my friend Lize & I used to joke that we don’t want to look like tannies meaning that we don’t want to dress & act old before our time. […]

5 Food Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2018

As I was reading up on & researching the food trends for this year,  I wasn’t exactly shocked that the world is going back to basics. Healthy, natural, seasonal food. Something that can actually be controlled & helps simplify life. The last few years have seen food trends like cronuts, Unicorn food, cruffins (muffin made of croissant […]

My Top 10 Of 2017

Hey friends. Happy 2018 to you! Before we officially kick off 2018, I’d love to share my Top 10 Favourite Things of 2017 with you. 2017 started with a bang for us! Within the first six weeks of the year, my 75-year old dad had a serious freak accident. This shocked us all because we […]

Expert Marriage Advice From An Intimacy Coach

At a recent kids party, a friend joked & said that in our phase of life, kitchen teas & baby showers will soon be replaced by divorce parties. Wowzers! There were some nervous giggles, but actually, none of us were really shocked though because the divorce rate is sadly still on the rise in South Africa & […]

A One Minute Workout You Can Do Sitting Down

So are you sitting down? This is so awesome – even couch potatoes will love it! In one minute per day, you can get a (face & skin) workout. Apart from wearing sunscreen, this is probably the easiest anti-aging trick ever. If you do the Gym Beauté by PAYOT daily for three weeks, your skin will […]

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