A One Minute Workout You Can Do Sitting Down

So are you sitting down? This is so awesome – even couch potatoes will love it! In one minute per day, you can get a (face & skin) workout. Apart from wearing sunscreen, this is probably the easiest anti-aging trick ever. If you do the Gym Beauté by PAYOT daily for three weeks, your skin will […]

Introducing Filorga’s New Anti-Ageing NCTF Reverse Range

Whenever a Filorga product lands on my desk, I get super excited because they have never disappointed me before. And now Filorga has a range that is an amazing antidote to all the bad lifestyle choices that we make. Yes, that’s correct: it repairs the skin & reverses a lot of the damage done by […]

The one beauty trend to embrace right now

Masks, masks, masks. They are still a thing. A big thing. A huge thing actually. In fact, “Masks” was also the most googled beauty topic in America, Japan & France over the past year according to the Google Skin Care Trends of 2017. The South Africa figures are not available, but judging by the influx of […]

A reminder to all women: #YouGotThis

I’ve been wanting to share this post for a while now, but I have had the most persistent cold flu business for the last two weeks & really did not feel like #I’veGotThis at all. Now that I’m beginning to feel like a person again, I’m finally ready to chat to you about Dawn’s #YouGotThis […]


You might know by now that I am a huge CHANEL fan, so I am super excited to be sharing the very first CHANEL BEAUTY TALK with you today! These talks are essentially a web series of spontaneous conversations about beauty between Lucia Pica, Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer for CHANEL & extraordinary women. In […]


I’ve been putting this post off for weeks now & after lots of deliberation I realised why. Because this is no quick fix. There is no ‘wow’ or ‘aha’ moment with this treatment. Naturally it is awesome to write abouta ‘miracle’ treatment! Sure, there are few products or treatments on the market that are ‘miracle […]